Surefire Ways To Build Strong, Confident Female Athletes 
& Win Championships 
(Including how to eat & train: in season, off season and retirement)
Get the nutrition and lifestyle education you need...
as a player, parent, coach or anyone who works with girls and women
(Even if you don't know much about nutrition, body image or the female body!
Keep Reading If You Want:
  • To find that missing spark that keeps your team from doing what you know they can. 
  •  To feel confident in giving nutrition guidance.
  •  To know how hormones can change an athlete's attitude and effort week to week.  
  •  Examples and practical advice on what and when athletes should eat.
  •  Lifestyle information to help any female athlete perform at her best. 
If you want to help your athletes perform at their peak, 
then you need this easy to understand ebook!

Hydration Tips

Proper hydration can make or break an athlete. I lay it all out for you  — how to water much to drink, should athletes drink sports drinks and more.


Includes a detailed explanation into calorie requirements, macronutrients and tracking. Tips for encouraging female athletes to stop undereating and how to eat depending on energy use for differing days. You will also recieve suggestions on how exactly to eat different meals and specific nutrient timing. 

Rest & Recovery

A big part of athletic performance is dependent on necessary recovery time many athletes just aren't getting. Add that to the fact that girls need atleast 20 more minute sof sleep per night than boys and aren't getting that either. I list out how you can encourage rest and recovery and what is normal sleep behavior for girls and women. 

Positive Body Image

Female athletes aren't safe from negative body image. Provided are examples of how female ahtletes are often seen adn spoken about and tips to make a difference. I've includes tips for how to speak about body image, how to encourage girls to become strong and practical advice for dealing with different body types. 

Hormones & Female Anatomy

I understand that understanding the female body might be something you didn't know you needed. I share exactly why an athlete's cycle can be making your practices difficult...and it's not the way you think! 

Important Additional Information 

Basically… everything I WISH I would have known when I was an athlete. I go into everything from body image to nutrition to retiring from athletics. 
who is this program for?
  • Anyone who works with girl and women athletes
  • Anyone who is raising girls interested in sports
  • Anyone who wants to know more about female nutrition
  • Anyone who wants to take their coaching from good to great
  • Anyone who wants to continue their education in athletics
  • Any player, parent, coach or administrator involved in both individual and team competitions for girls and women.
who am i...
RanDee Ochinero
I grew up in the glaring reflection of fluorescent lights on a gymnasium floor in Wyoming, the gym brat of a volleyball coach. My earliest memories were watching my dad encourage, educate and exhibit the vast emotions that are inherent with sports and teenage girls. I didn’t know it then, but coaching would end up being the one career I continually turn back to and truly thrive in. 

I was a multisport athlete through high school and went on to play volleyball for two years at the collegiate level before I crashed and burned out hard. I was overworked, under-fueled and mentally exhausted. The sport that I'd loved my whole life had made me hate myself and the game. During those last few years, there were constant negative comments made about our bodies, our eating and our weight.

I’m lucky that I’ve always had high self esteem and confidence but know many others who were negatively affected by the way we were treated and spoken to. However, it still took me months to even want to step back onto a volleyball court. 

I’m currently a mom of three girls, volleyball club director, PN1 nutrition coach, and collector of foster dogs. I'm currently in an amazingly unique position of starting a varsity volleyball program from the ground up so most of my spare time is spent in the gym with teenage girls. Usually with a much needed coffee in hand. Look, we all have our gifts, and one of mine happens to be connecting with teenagers. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy though and caffeine definitely helps!

Using not only my experiences but also listening to the things my teams say, watching how they eat, hydrate and treat themselves, I realized more emphasis needs to be put on helping girls figure out how to do all of these things properly. I’ve seen great results with not only my teams but also my own daughters and want to share that with others.

Why I had to develop this program!
If I had known half of what I know now when I was an athlete, my career could've been so much different. Starting as a freshman in high school, I was told to lose weight if I wanted to be any good. I had a coach who did weigh-ins, body shaming and pushed her own food issues on us. By the time I played two years at a junior college, I was so burned out, tired and hating myself.

For a long time, I thought my experience was unique and I had just drawn a bad hand of coaches. But then I started talking to other women who played sports in high school and college who had the same experiences in multiple sports, multiple levels of play and in multiple states. I even talked to some coaches who still treat their players the way I was treated. These weren’t isolated incidents, but rather an underlying problem in women’s sports.

And so, Fueling the Female Athlete was born. 

The bottom line is if we want our athletes competing at their best, we, the coaches and parents, need to be educated about what goes into fueling the female athlete and share that knowledge.

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You Might Be Wondering…
When I purchase Fueling the Female Athlete, how will it be delivered to me?
You will recieve a download link via email approximately 15 minutes after purchase. If you don't see it, please check your spam folder.
 You can use your phone, computer or any device that opens PDFs to read the book.
I'm already a good coach. Do I need this?
YES! I can promise you there will be at least one thing you learn from this book. And let's face it, part of what makes you a good coach is your desire to always learn more for your athletes. This book is no exception
Is this book only for coaches? Can I purchase it as a parent or for my daughter who competes? 
Nope! This book was designed for coaches and parents with players in mind. It's suitable for anyone who has an interest in female athletics.
If nutrition is so important, why don't more coaches know about it?
I think a lot of it is chalked up to kids being resilient or coaches don't know quite how to approach the topic with athletes and parents without stepping on toes. This book will help give you the confidence and information you need to include nutrition in your programs.
I'm a man. I'm not sure I need to know about hormones and all of this girl stuff.
Look, I get it. But hormones are changing how your player is reacting, learning, interacting and even eating and exercising week to week. If nothing else, this will help you understand why consistency can be difficult with some athletes. 
Is this a diet book or full of meal plans?
Nope! I give examples of what a day for different athletes might look like and some ideas on how to create their meals but I don't believe in meal plans or diets.
What if I learn absolutely nothing and want a refund?
No problem. Shoot me an email within 15 days and I'll gladly refund you. 
I coach (insert sport/club/age/etc. here), will this book help me?
YES! If you work with girls or women in any capacity, you need this information.
Will I win a state championship/get a D1 scholarship/go undefeated after I read this book?
I really, really hope so! I can't promise anything but if you do, please shoot me an email and let me know! 
Where can I get more from the Fueled Athlete?
Make sure you're on the mailing list! I'll be coming out with printables for coaches, journal pages for athletes, easy recipes and more.
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Fueling the Female Athlete Ebook
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P.S. - Don't wait another season to find what's missing . It's time to get to the bottom of that missing spark and increase athletic performance. 

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